eBay seller hulahoopsolo has an unlimited supply of band "signed" CDs, they are a cut above normal "kitchen forgeries" (i.e. amateurs scribbling on their old CDs) and are fooling people.

DO NOT BUY from this seller.

Here is their eBay link (notice 17+ pages of feedback on forged CDs and of course eBay does nothing about it): https://www.ebay.com/sch/hulahoopsolo/m.html?item=123736482309&...

Here are some recent examples, I can't even begin to fathom how sick of an individual you have to be to consistently forge deceased autographs, and to do your research/practice:

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Nice work, Ryan.

These people have absolutely no conscience.

It is actually easier to sell forgeries on Ebay than it is authentic autographs and the sellers of forgeries know it.

Yes! I'm well aware of HulaHoop. Known forgers should be called out more often. It's shameful what they do and try and get away with

Just want to bump this thread. He recently sold a bunch more. Its amazing that he's still active.



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