This seller thinks that by fancy, cheap, multi-mat packaging, you just won't look close at the signatures. After all, who would fancy frame a fake??? And to further make sure you don't look close, he doesn't give you any close up views of the money signature, like you won't notice because you are so taken with the "fancy" cheap framing, complete with the Warner Bros t-shirt price tag Superman logo inserted into the frame like it is something special. From the grainy picture, I can still recognize this Reeves alleged signature, which has popped up for years. In my view it is very wrong in many ways. Even if you thought it was real, would you overpay by $17,000 ??? Where do these clueless clowns come from?? If you care to see it:


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PSA/DNA is gospel these days. Regardless of your personal feelings, it's legitimate in our market. The price has nothing to do with it, as he can charge whatever he wants. The question is the authenticity of the signatures. Being the fact that he took the time to have it slabbed and authrnitcated, it'll always be relevant.

Psa/dna, or whoever, do make mistakes. For example, they have not spent hundreds of hours devoted to one celebrity's signatures like hardcore fans have, like myself. I only focus on a handful of stars I personally like. And I don't like to see the signatures forged. It is just a business to these companies who get paid to certify. They get paid even when they make mistakes.

And this is why we have this forum nicely provided by Autograph Magazine, to expose mistakes & frauds. If you choose to be a blind follower of psa/dna, then that is your choice. But for everyone else, it is still buyer beware no matter who certifies it. But that signature has many things wrong with it, so how could they certify it? ? It tells me they did not do a thorough job.

As for price, you missed the point. Let me explain it to you. I said would YOU pay it? The fact that it is insanely overpriced is indicative of problems with the seller in my view.



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