I've now seen 15-20 sellers using "The Auto Scouts" laminated COA from foreman39@yahoo.com , here is what they look like, and they are 100% CRAP:

These are home-made "COA"s meant to make the buyer feel comfortable. They have a worthless "numbered" sticker on them and usually come with a $2 little league ball with a forgery on it. TONS of Puig's out right now with this, as well as anyone else who is most "popular" at that time.

Take a look at this right after Bo Jackson's "30 for 30" was shown on ESPN:


This is big time folks. DO NOT BUY "autographs" accompanied by this "COA". 

Here's another post of sellers who use this "COA":

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OMG such crap.  Wow who would copy a junk coa anyway.  LOL.  retard


A total lie, they are frantically doing anything they can to "cover up" their story after I exposed them. 

I've never seen ONE "The Auto Scouts" piece I would deem authentic. I've also seen plenty of "Auto Scouts" forgeries on a ROMLB accompanied by the same COA. 



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