I'm not here to talk about the authenticity of autographs sold by XP Autographs (Xavier Pelletier). I'm not an expert, but from what I've read he is trustable for authenticity. However, once you get into a problem with a transaction, he'll do anything to make you feel guilty in a very arrogant way.  Here's my story of my latest and last transaction with that seller.

There was a sale on XP's website and I decided it was a good time to buy some more autographs from him. I review the inventory, keeping note of the items I'm interested in. Then I add them in my cart and enter the coupon code. The total is calculated and the shipping shows as free. Great! I complete the order, but then I realize that somehow I forgot one item. As I'm an usual customer, I trust him enough to make a new order for that single photo, pay the shipping fee and add a note to ask Xavier to combine with my previous order and refund me the shipping fee that I shouldn't have paid if I had put that photo in my first order.

Now, when Xavier shipped my order, he just sends me an email saying his website had a problem and calculated the free shipping based on the total amount before reduction. He says he can't refund me the shipping since I should have paid it anyways in the first order. The package is already shipped, so I have no option offered. As a customer (and a returning one that is), I expect a better attitude from a seller. Apparently it's not Xavier's way of doing business. For his other customers who made a single order, he had the guts to ask them another payment for the shipping fee, not assuming his error. Of course he asked them before shipping the items. so they had the opportunity to either cancel their order or maybe buy additional ones if their total was like me near the amount on which shipping is free.

We exchanged many emails, he's always been arrogant and accusing me over and over again of consciously taking advantage of the error on his website. It takes some guts to talk to your customers that way! I've never seen that before. When I told him I could've bought an additional photo to get to the free shipping amount if he had given me the opportunity, he offered me a deal. Of course, after his many arrogant emails, I'm not interested in dealing with him ever again. He was laughing at me because I was fighting over only 10 euros. I told him it was a matter of principles. He told me I didn't have principle since I was trying to fool him! What??? OK then, I'm going to fight for those 10 euros through Paypal... on a question of principles!

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This post was all about customer service but then it turned into something much bigger with others bring up items of Xavier when this was already posted about long ago he answered with what he could and others trying to get an reaction out of Xavier thinking it is funny and making jokes etc this site is not about winding people up. what other don't understand at times this is his 2nd language maybe 3rd I don't know,   it's harder to say what you mean in writing when it's not your main language so some my think it may come across as being rude etc  but really it's not in away because of that.  End of the day no one else has had any problems with him with customer service only you. 



Enough said...

Thank you very very much you're great !

I cannot say more...

Note that my main language is french too so our exchanges were all in french. It's true however that this post has gone another way which was not my intention as I clearly stated in the beginning that I wasn't talking about authenticity.

Yes kingdiamond70,  you are right the post has gone way over then what it was originally about,  I just think this could of been sorted out in a different way instead of doing this big post for all to see,  instead you could of asked if others have had any type of problems with customer service with other dealers? And then said about this little problem you have had but was made more than it really was with others bring up old stuff what was already spoken about.   

The original poster did bring up the issue of authenticity. I absolutely believe that the JLL signatures from XP Autographs are authentic and obtained in person, but others have claimed that the first example I posted is secretarial. There was never any acknowledgement that a mistake was made, so it’s still an open issue. Several sellers have been accused of offering JLL secretarials as in-person signatures, and PSA and JSA have both been accused of authenticating JLL secretarials. I don’t think it’s funny at all.

If you read the first sentence of my original post, I said it was not about authenticity. I was just talking about customer service and it's why Steve asked me to change the title, but the post itself hasn't changed. You probably missed the "not"! lol

I'm not an expert, but from what I've read he is trustable for authenticity.

So, if someone makes this statement about an autograph dealer, you feel that it's inappropriate to mention anything related to authenticity?

Customers are always right ? Lol

So next time I'll make his order for free he will be happy.

You're a funny guy

I agree 100%. Longtime customer of Xavier's...my favorite dealer.

Wow ! Thanks a lot !

Surprised this didn't come up earlier. A bit of a language barrier is what I was thinking also. Not that big a deal over 15 bucks or so.



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