I'm not here to talk about the authenticity of autographs sold by XP Autographs (Xavier Pelletier). I'm not an expert, but from what I've read he is trustable for authenticity. However, once you get into a problem with a transaction, he'll do anything to make you feel guilty in a very arrogant way.  Here's my story of my latest and last transaction with that seller.

There was a sale on XP's website and I decided it was a good time to buy some more autographs from him. I review the inventory, keeping note of the items I'm interested in. Then I add them in my cart and enter the coupon code. The total is calculated and the shipping shows as free. Great! I complete the order, but then I realize that somehow I forgot one item. As I'm an usual customer, I trust him enough to make a new order for that single photo, pay the shipping fee and add a note to ask Xavier to combine with my previous order and refund me the shipping fee that I shouldn't have paid if I had put that photo in my first order.

Now, when Xavier shipped my order, he just sends me an email saying his website had a problem and calculated the free shipping based on the total amount before reduction. He says he can't refund me the shipping since I should have paid it anyways in the first order. The package is already shipped, so I have no option offered. As a customer (and a returning one that is), I expect a better attitude from a seller. Apparently it's not Xavier's way of doing business. For his other customers who made a single order, he had the guts to ask them another payment for the shipping fee, not assuming his error. Of course he asked them before shipping the items. so they had the opportunity to either cancel their order or maybe buy additional ones if their total was like me near the amount on which shipping is free.

We exchanged many emails, he's always been arrogant and accusing me over and over again of consciously taking advantage of the error on his website. It takes some guts to talk to your customers that way! I've never seen that before. When I told him I could've bought an additional photo to get to the free shipping amount if he had given me the opportunity, he offered me a deal. Of course, after his many arrogant emails, I'm not interested in dealing with him ever again. He was laughing at me because I was fighting over only 10 euros. I told him it was a matter of principles. He told me I didn't have principle since I was trying to fool him! What??? OK then, I'm going to fight for those 10 euros through Paypal... on a question of principles!

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Of course other clients will say good things about Xavier as I would have before this order.  I made 5 other orders before and all went well. I trusted him and would never have expected to have such a small problem to go that far. Being insulted and treated like a thief by a seller is unacceptable. He said he would've appreciated more comprehension from a returning customer!!! Well, sorry but as a returning customer I would've expected a much better behaviour from the seller...  It's sad because it would not have gone that way if he had just asked me before shipping what I wanted to do, like pay the 10 euros, cancel the order, add items to get to the 500 euros after reduction to get the free shipping.  He will say he offered me something similar to the last option afterwards.  But that was after he wrote in the same email (translated from french) "So thank you for not telling me about principle or trust when you want to surf a fault of my website to save 10 € in me making lose them".  Would you accept another deal with someone who calls you a thief?  I don't think so.

I think you're a bit lying because I cannot remember that I insulted you ?

And you're also lying because I proposed you a refund if you send me back the order that you refused to save shipping back. I also proposed you to complete your order for a total of 500€ to get free shipping...

You called me a thief, I called you a thief ! Wow don't need to cry on AML for this lol

I don't like discussions closed, so I reopened this one.

KingDiamond and Xavier, since you both had several good transactions before, what about not letting one transaction ruin a good business relationship?

This is not about authenticity. It's hard feelings about an unexpected shipping charge and harsh words and actions back and forth. Good dealers are hard to find, and good customers don't grow on trees either.

I hope you'll both consider it.


I have only just seen this post .. first let me say Steve is right above this post is silly but I understand that both sides have put up their fences :-)
I will say this though the autographs bussiness is one of the shittiest by a mile full of criminals and crooks as I have experienced and fought it all for a long time , this is why I don't get why try to shoot down one of the good guys for people that don't know Xavier is in the top 2 French IN PeRSON graffers he is an honest guy I myself have done many chases with him in Cannes , Paris , niece , Monaco etc Honestly this thread for just 10 euros I can not believe it there is a world full of scum bags out there cheating people of thousands of autographs and people are trying to take down a honest one that is just crazy !!

Now I am not an expert on JLL I have only got him once and I won't have a clue what is and what is not his styles , But I will tell you this and I put my whole reputation and name on this one I was there myself at the airport when this grumpy actor turned up and was signing but some woman with him was fending graffers off like it was a circus he is not a nice guy but I can also understand it as comedians are not happy people they all have demons to fight , I have photos of that day I am 100% sure I do and if no one believes me I can look for them too and the funny thing is I seem to remember Xavier is in the photos too talking to JLL he was seat on a wheel chair and for people who don't know how things are done in Cannes it's similar to Toronto they feed on video and photos every hotel every airport TVs across Europe playing live feeds of all that to create interest for people to go and spend their money on that town it's all part of the whole thing , usually all the horrible signers do it not all as some like penn , Gibson etc would rather knock you out than sign lol ..

Anyway I will say this before I go there are very very few elite honest names in Europe we all know each other as we have bleed on the streets there is a handful in each country and Xavier is top top especially in France so I ask you guys to re think before you go and cause more damage to one of the good guys and I am telling you now with all honesty I have been present when Xavier got JLL at the airport in fact I can name another 20 names from across all Europe from Germany to Switzerland and more than 10
Of us from the UK ..

All the best guys it's been a while and I respect you all for fighting the good cause but remember let's help the good guys don't help the bad guys laugh at us for fighting each other :-)

Thanks a lot Jason !

The story you're talking is about Jerry Lewis (actor) when he came in Cannes a few years ago... When they all speak about Jerry Lee Lewis (rock legend) !

If only you had a picture of me getting Jerry Lee Lewis to close their mouths !!!

All the best my friend !

Sorry Xavier lol TBH honest I did not even think I just felt that I will step in because when
It comes to authenticity you are one of the good guys, but we chose this s*** job so we have ourselves to blame that sometimes we swim in muddy waters because some crooks have ruined it for all honest people .. once again I hope you guys separate the two debates on this post and plead if
It's just for ten euros which is the price of a bud please please let's think this over guys it's not worth it not for a reputation that's Stelar Artois :-)
Oups my apologies I have just been told there is another JLL lol doh !! And that will tell you I did not read the thread or see photos I was just told some one was saying bad things about Xavier and since I have known him for over 10 years and only through hunting I felt it was My duty to tell you what I do know what is the truth :-)
I was there for the actor anyway the rest of it it's all as I said he is an honest guy true gem in the game if all this is just about 10 euros please pm
Me and I will GIFT it to you and I don't want it back from anyone it's just there are not many honest guys out there and all this is not healthy at all ..
And talking about favorite in-person dealers and good guys: Great to see you back Jason, please stop by more often!!! :-)

My 8 year old has me running around like a mad man rarely I get a chance lol once again thanks for any good comments I just hope this is for this debate now. Peace

You're right !

Customers are always right!
Xavier should have just kept him happy and he would be still doing business in the future.
As for Jll,if you know Ballroom he would be on your side. But Xavier does sound like the typical frenchman.



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