I'm not here to talk about the authenticity of autographs sold by XP Autographs (Xavier Pelletier). I'm not an expert, but from what I've read he is trustable for authenticity. However, once you get into a problem with a transaction, he'll do anything to make you feel guilty in a very arrogant way.  Here's my story of my latest and last transaction with that seller.

There was a sale on XP's website and I decided it was a good time to buy some more autographs from him. I review the inventory, keeping note of the items I'm interested in. Then I add them in my cart and enter the coupon code. The total is calculated and the shipping shows as free. Great! I complete the order, but then I realize that somehow I forgot one item. As I'm an usual customer, I trust him enough to make a new order for that single photo, pay the shipping fee and add a note to ask Xavier to combine with my previous order and refund me the shipping fee that I shouldn't have paid if I had put that photo in my first order.

Now, when Xavier shipped my order, he just sends me an email saying his website had a problem and calculated the free shipping based on the total amount before reduction. He says he can't refund me the shipping since I should have paid it anyways in the first order. The package is already shipped, so I have no option offered. As a customer (and a returning one that is), I expect a better attitude from a seller. Apparently it's not Xavier's way of doing business. For his other customers who made a single order, he had the guts to ask them another payment for the shipping fee, not assuming his error. Of course he asked them before shipping the items. so they had the opportunity to either cancel their order or maybe buy additional ones if their total was like me near the amount on which shipping is free.

We exchanged many emails, he's always been arrogant and accusing me over and over again of consciously taking advantage of the error on his website. It takes some guts to talk to your customers that way! I've never seen that before. When I told him I could've bought an additional photo to get to the free shipping amount if he had given me the opportunity, he offered me a deal. Of course, after his many arrogant emails, I'm not interested in dealing with him ever again. He was laughing at me because I was fighting over only 10 euros. I told him it was a matter of principles. He told me I didn't have principle since I was trying to fool him! What??? OK then, I'm going to fight for those 10 euros through Paypal... on a question of principles!

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Just wanted to say that I have done a lot of business with Xavier and he has always been helpfull and polite.

I had an autograph that went missing while shipping (not his fault) and he refunded me the full amount without any problems. Every other transaction has been 5+ every time.

I can't comment about what the original poster writes, but I fully recommend XP Autographs.
All I can say about Xavier he is a top guy well respected around the world just to get that out, recently I got a number of signed index cards from him and then I did see won I wanted so after buying it. I emailed Xavier to see if I could add another signed card to my order instead of having two packages coming and then rite away I did get an refund of the postage and all the signed cards was sent in one package as I wanted, that being said never found him to be rude nor arrogant at all. Very odd.

Thank you guys for the kind words ! I hope this will help people who don't know me and my website not to believe stupid comments !


You title will lead people to believe he's selling forgeries. Please reword it to make it clear it's a customer service issue. Thanks


As I'm directly concerned by this post, may I ask you the favour to make your possible to ask him to change the title which could lead people to believe that I'm selling forgeries ?

Thanks in advance.

I asked him to change it yesterday, and I see that he now did.

Thank you, KingDiamond70, for rewording the title.

Thank you Steve Cyrkin and KingDiamond70 for having changed the title.

Yes people be careful about me !

After offering -20% on my whole shop I don't offer shipping under 500€ orders ! LOL

I am so arrogant !

Of course you try to show your good side publicly.  It's another thing through emails.  And by the way, you said you blocked me but you still email me!  Wow!  Don't bother sending me any more messages.  They'll be deleted instantly and I won't even know it.

I have a very bad side too ! I don't deny that you tired me with your dozen emails and that I was fed up with you trying to get free shipping.

There's some disagreement about the Jerry Lee Lewis autographs that you've offered for sale. Some believe that the "Killer" inscription is secretarial. Is it correct that both of these were obtained in person?




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