BEWARE !! Three U.K EBAY sellers dominating market selling FAKES

I'd like to bring to your attention these 3 sellers in the hope that something can be done in the autograph community to stop them from selling fakes on EBay.They are:




I believe they are all linked and were also selling items through Simon Parrs auctions. Just look at the list of items they are selling between them,is there anyone famous they've missed ? I believe they are using some kind of Robotic machine to create these autographs. To anyone who knows anything about autographs many of these are blatant forgeries,the problem is they all have 100% feedback !! A Princess Diana signed pic which sold for over £500 last week through maconstance2012 had previously not sold on Simon Parr's auction.

These people should be locked up,but what can we all do about it ?

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even worse , a signed photo of diana , which looked suspiciously like one offered by simon parr was being offered by a top auction house over here;- in the end it got withdrawn

In my professional authenticating experience, I have seen a number of "machine signed" examples over the past few years. Neil Armstrong, Apollo 11 and others. These were NOT NASA issued Autopens, rather I believe they were unauthorized and created maliciously.

Thanks for your replies. I've attached some images from all three which are current listings. In the past week they've sold 3 Churchills,a George Washington and a Benjamin Franklin !! Its a conveyor belt and people are jumping on it !


Thanks for sharing here. 

Thats a good start. 



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