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Album sales are that bad, eh? Lol

Triple dog pass.

This is garbage 

Thanks for the post. I grabbed a couple. I'm not sure why people seem so annoyed about this online (not specifically talking about this forum). I mean she's one of the biggest artists in the world right now and she's selling these cds for less than Amazon. If you'd buy the album anyways then it's a no brainer to buy this vs a non painted one that costs more.

Also I'd rather spend $10 on this than 2k resale for her painted lp Third Man Records released a while ago.

I'm glad you brought up the TMR release - I wasn't aware she'd done something like this before until I looked up what you were talking about. Splattering paint seemed like a weird concept for me, but it makes a lot more sense now that I know it's not a new thing for her.

I see people are asking over two grand for those, but what are they actually selling for?

I've actually seen it sell for over 2k at least 3x. Before covid it was selling more around 1k. But the rare vinyl market got really crazy in the last year.

How can they ever be authenticated? What am I missing?

It’s a painted art card so can’t be copied by anyone the set card only for this drops

A bucket of paint and a brush from my local hardware store says otherwise.

Would not surprise me at all if the market gets flooded with knockoffs, lol

Like I said no knock offs the art card is exclusive no way to get them without paint on to do your self 

We shall all see after the 30th how good they are when we have some actual photos of the items 

I bet some will have a tiny paint dot and some will be all white. This will be fun to follow. 

It can't really other than the art card wasn't released with anything else far as I know... but they could have had any employee splatter paint on an infinite amount of them to sell more, and it's also not that hard to print your own art card and splatter paint on it if some forger wanted to make a quick buck. Plenty of those people on ebay as it is with autographs let alone something this easy to fake. 

On the other hand if you want to call these "art"... some of the most famous and expensive artists like Andy Warhol didn't make their own art. Damien Hirst doesn't even paint his own crappy spot paintings that people like the Kardashians spend millions on. So maybe it doesn't even matter who painted them if we're talking from an art perspective. (Which personally I think is pretty dumb). 

Like the old saying goes "There's a sucker born every minute" LOL 



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