Listings for it have been popping up in indie stores but none have been made available yet. Stores have been getting very few (~3) signed copies so seems it will be like her book again where very limited copies will be available at store locations only. Heads up for anyone. Here’s to hoping they go live online soon.

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$300? Wtf? I spent a little more than that for Jimmy Page. 

Hey guys. Just a heads up. After calling several record stores, some are still waiting for their shipment to come in. I would call throughout the day to see if they have come in. But some stores only have 5 total and some have less. 

Are they only selling locally, in person? Or will they ship them?

Locally. Since most stores are only getting like a max of 5, they're not gonna be able to ship them. They'll probably gonna be gone within the hour. 

Would love to see some of them popping online on her website or something!

Feels especially unlikely at this point, unfortunately.

I feel the same. Specially since she sold that splattered version, and even that one wasn’t available outside US.  

Yeah, I can’t seem to understand why this stuff gets so marked up

Up on the Uk store. UK only*/*/Happier-Than-Ever-Signed-Music-Bundle/739U0000000

No mention of anything being signed on the receipt, although it states signed art card on her website listing....

Yeah I think that’s nothing to worry about though. Listing states signed art card will be shipped at a later date, so I imagine that might explain it.

I wish it was available in the US. Gosh this is torture for me HAHA :) 


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