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Interesting it says signed book jacket...

Still hoping there’ll be some love for those of us in Europe, do B&N ship internationally anymore?

I'm assuming you are in the UK? I'm Not sure on the rest of the World - but Barnes and Noble Only Ship to UK Residents if you have been a UK Customer for a long time - they won't ship to New UK Customers and Haven't for 12 Months or More - but they will if you have been a registered / regular UK customer - they implemented this rule about 18 months ago

Sign up to a mail forwarder such as Stackry in the US  -  they are good and cheap I use them weekly to ship to the UK, luckily B&N still ship to me in the UK although sometimes its cheaper with Stackry anyway

thanks ! Might be interesting for me in the future. 
In the meantime, i'll just hope Waterstones also ends up selling signed copies..

I doubt Waterstones will, but you never know! A Few UK Bookshops are entering you in a Draw to win a signed copy when you buy a non signed copy

Yeah i saw it but i'm never that lucky..

But if they can get their hands a a few signed copies for giveaways, maybe they'll get their hands on more for selling! Let's stay optmimistic haha

Here's the link where I found the listing. Hopefully, you guys can see what I see.

Thank for the heads up, hopefully this time. The signed book link is not working but I see it in the list. I think it will show up here: where there should be a 'signed book' option.

It shows up for me but the link goes to nothing hopefully it gets updated with the signed ones. 

Hoping this B&N link goes live

So Bull Moose is having a drawing for one of 3 signed Billie Eilish books BUT it looks like it’s on the outside of the book? 



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