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All of 3 of the promotional (for giveaways) copies I've seen have been done that way, and I'm guessing that Marshall will be right that all copies will be signed like that.

Maybe they did it that way because it was easier logistically to have her sign the half book jackets... although I'd think the traditional tip-in page would be even easier/make more sense.

I'm working off of razor-thin evidence here, as the link still remains inactive, but the Eilish posting switched to in-stock with regards to my store here in Atlanta. Maybe some retail stores are getting them this morning?

I have called local B&N and they say no signed copies in stock in the city, and also none in warehouse for them to order... So I am not really sure if this link becomes active - might be that they were due to receive them, but in the end publisher made deal with BAM or decided to offer them to independent bookstores for competitions?

Good sleuthing, Robert. Thanks for checking. Also saw a post from Books & Books in Florida saying some independent bookstores are getting them, so it's really anybody's guess. 

Ok, so after a quick research it seems that some B&N bookstores indeed received a very few copies with signed jacket. They are all in person, first come, first served though, no phone or online orders... So you must be very lucky to locate one. They are hit or miss, some big cities got 0 availability... So not sure how those were allocated.

Yes it seems totally random which BNs have these, unless some BNs just haven't scanned them in yet. None of the stores by me show in stock, but if I start looking 30+ minutes away I see some. Sadly today is not a good one for me to avoid work to track one down.

How are you able to check? Are you just calling stores in your area? 

I'm just changing the "my store" location and seeing if it shows in stock there or not.

Some B&N stores who got them doesn't show as "in stock" via website, so I would rather call your local B&Ns and ask directly.

Just ran to my local Barnes and Noble and grabbed the last copy. They said they got 6 copies total. 

It seems that only 20+ B&N stores within all US got signed copies, usually 6-8 per store only. So you have to be super lucky to score one! Some states got literally 0 copies... Very random, I think she signed just few hundred of those worldwide at most.

I don’t see the option to search for signed books in my area. Is the link gone?



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