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Sweet. Glad to see other people getting them. Good going. 

It was the same for me. Bookseller had it hidden behind the counter. Had to ask for it. 

Did you call each store or how do you know if people had them?

I only called one -- the midtown Atlanta location. They said yes, so I went. Didn't call anywhere else.

So those 150 signed books were distributed among 20-25 selected B&N locations across the country, based on their customer records / sales for Billie Eilish in the past. Fair to say that most premium markets for her were awarded with 6-8 signed copies per store. Many states got none. Those were mostly distributed among SoCal and NY area with selected stores in MI, MN, FL, TX, VA, PA etc. getting them as well. From my understanding, all are gone by now. I wouldn't be surprised if in total she signed roughly 300-350 books worldwide (150 for B&N, 100 for Waterstones UK, probably 50-100 for competitions at various indie bookstores across the US). Those are gonna be rare! Congrats to all who got them!

So I actually won one of the ones from Book Soup today.  They said they only had 7 entries all together. So that was great odds. I actually pre-ordered 2 copies so i had really good odds.

That's crazy

I somehow was able to get a B&N a few states away to let me purchase one over the phone and they shipped it to me. It was their last copy. I was shocked, to be honest. I feel very fortunate!

do you know if it was their last one and what store it was? 

It was their last one, unfortunately. It was somewhere in Florida. 

Has anybody who bought from BAM seen any movement on their order? I'm wondering if this is going to end up like the Seinfelds (mass cancellations by BAM). Hope not.

Nothing yet.

Mine went from PENDING to COMPLETED at some point. Oddly, it says "Tracking not available" in red on the page, are you guys seeing the same?



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