UK Only - includes the signed artcard.*/*/Happier-Than-Ever-Signed-Music-Bundle/739U0000000

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I email them once a week takes ages for the to reply and I get the same crap answer 

I don’t understand why it’s taking so long 

they were quick enough to release and take money but not supply the goods 

they best send them tracked for postage or I’m just going to tell them they ain’t came when they do just for the audacity of them 

Sadly this is becoming all too common with these so called big stars - taking your money and making you wait months or sometimes  years for signed items! 

Hell bent on getting to number one and saying sod  the fans i'll sign them if  or when i feel like it ! 

To be honest i'm not even that confident we will get any! 

I hope that’s not the case I don’t have a problem with waiting but give us a date at least so we know when to at least expect it but going weeks months with nothing is taking the p””s 

at least all the other artists give us a date this one nothing 

don’t think I’ll be rushing to buy her next release her store can do one 

Well if anyone's seriously considering cancelling their pre-order, please DM me, because I missed these and would take it off your hands. However I'd be very surprised if anyone actually does cancel/return them.


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