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Cool one. Thanks!

Ordered. Thank you!

I would like to thank you a thousand times!
Bought 1 copy, should have bought 2 as it would have been a great present to a friend of mine.

And it's already sold out!

I've been after Billy for some time on an LP. Happy for you and you are welcome!

I missed it. I'm a big fan, oh well, I hope that he goes for a 2nd round.

Thanks anyways.

Jorge, up on Newbury Comics right now. Try and nab one or two.

Signed CD is SOLD OUT!

Boy, it sold out quick and I figured it would. It was only up for maybe an hour if that. I hope you got one.

Steve, I bought my friend and I a signed vinyl instead! :-) :-D 

Sorry, my bad....

Thanks Rich, I am only an autographed CD collector and vinyl is never on my radar.



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