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LP now sold out!

Thanks so much Steve, grabbed a signed LP.  

Coincidentally, I was searching for Billy's signed LPs online a couple of weeks ago and could not find anything below $125, and without a guarantee that is authentic.

So thanks again.

Hi Jorge! You bet, I am glad you got a signed LP - very cool :)

I have attached a photo of Billy from July 10, 2016. My wife and I were standing in line outside of the First Avenue Club in downtown Minneapolis and Billy and his bodyguard came walking right by us. He stopped and signed a couple CD cover booklets I had. Also, I am not sure if you ever seen him in concert but I have to say, he puts on a killer show. We were right up by the stage too which made it really awesome. Take Care! Steve

Attachments: No photo uploads here

That is so cool you were able to meet him, he looks like he treats his fans deservedly. I was a huge fan back in '86-'87 in my teen days at the peak of his career, loved his videos and always looked forward to his new material. I'm excited to listen to his couple of brand new songs.

The signed CD was sold out by the time I ordered it so I bought 2 signed vinyl for my friend and I! :-) :-D 

Thanks again!! I got one of each on Newbury before the CD's sold out.

I originally ignored this one, but ended up ordering the vinyl from Newbury. From what everyone's said about their customer service and handling of things like autopens, I'm much more comfortable going through them than most artist's stores.

Newbury's price was a buck more than the original drop, but I think they might've ended up cheaper than Billy Idol's store once you include shipping? Not positive.

They were pretty close. You should be happy. If it ended up being an autopen Newbury would pick it up and refund everything including your postage. But autopen it is highly unlikely. Just because it seems to be pretty limited, selling out at both places. You figure autopen they would sell a lot more. My reasoning, but never say never in this game.

If anyone got an extra signed Billy Idol cd, please let me know.  He is one of my favorites from the 80's.  Thank you!

He posted a Story on his Instagram of him signing a few of the vinyl jackets (at least I think that's what they were).



For those of you who were able to snag one of the CDs:



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