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REBELYELL5 for $5 off

And thanks for posting I missed this one before.

$5 off would've been nice, but i'm happy i've finally got a signed copy

Thanks for posting.. 16 left.. if you want one, don't hesitate now

Anybody that ordered from Chalky's / Amazon UK / Ebay UK accounts - 

I heard back from them today, they hadn't actually shipped any although they were marked as shipped by Amazon last week - The UK release date is 11th November - My copy was shipped today and all other UK orders will be shipped in the next few days!

Vinyl just arrived.

Got mine today too, quite pleased! Another solid purchase from Newbury 

Got mine too, and it’s a signed jacket and not just an insert as it said it was.  Very happy with this.

Mine too! Billy has done us right on this one. Both CD and LP versions.



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