I was browsing eBay today for music when I came across a listing of the Billy Joel LP album "Streetlife Serenade." This seems like a pretty normal listing by all accounts, with a current bid of 9.00 and 6 dollars in shipping; however, what caught my eye was that there's what appears to be Joel's signature in blue Sharpie right smack in the left-center of the album's sleeve, with no mentioning of said signature in the listing. I'm not too familiar with identifying sigs, but from what I can gather Joel's are very inconsistent- some are short little signatures, whereas others are his entire name in curvy cursive like in this one, and I'm unable to decipher for myself if this one is probably fake or not. If it's a real signature then this is an unbelievably cheap listing and I would certainly hope to get my hands on it. I was even planning on just getting it regardless and then authenticating it through PSA/DNA- I just got 2 new jobs recently, so if it's not legit then tough luck I guess, I'll either just keep the album as it is or possibly resell it- but I suppose it never hurts to check with you guys. So does anyone have any idea whether or not this is a real signature? I included a screen cap of the eBay pic as an attachment for y'all to look at.

Here's a screen cap of the eBay listing pic:

Also, side note- this is my first post here! Hopefully I'll be coming back more in the future for more help with this kind of stuff.



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wow this clever devil is going to be in for a good pay day and no one has any recourse for refund

And those signatures have been done by someone who's been practicing 

sneaky bugger

Yup .its like a guy not really selling a picasso but hey it sure looks like it but ur just buy an original frame from the 1600s. So please disregard the graffiti on the cover. Ur just buying an album 

that's funny

soon the scammers just might be calling it graffiti to avoid the return policies

I guess we shouldn't be giving them ideas eh?

That's like buying a Honda that has a Mercedes emblem on the hood. It's still a honda

That seller has a good racket.  I. Bet we will see this alot now.  Amazing profits

"That's a great Picasso!" - Buyer

"You think it's a Picasso?" - Elmyr De Hory 

"How much..." - Buyer (fool).



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