Black Label Society - Doom Crew Inc - Signed CD - Zakk Wylde

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Man what an awesome surprise, not only is it signed by the whole band when I thought it was going to just be Zakk, but I also got the guitar doodle I was hoping for as well.

Mine has still not shipped, anybody else?

Mine shipped a while ago but is moving EXTREMELY slow.

Some people have theirs in hand mine still havent even shipped

Same wtf

My shipping label was just created on this Monday November 29. 

I missed this offer but was fortunate enough to secure a pre-order offer locally from JBHiFi  just before the offer expired. The CDs and these photos were delivered yesterday (and I got a refund of a few dollars as the CDs sold cheaper than the first offer price). I'm pretty happy with this purchase! My photos do not do the autos justice.

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Very nice ,out of interest how much was it for the cd and signed photo package 

Box set for those who missed out

Not worth that price

Would be if you got the golden ticket.

And you cant choose your sized t shirt it comes xl and nothing else


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