Black Label Society - Doom Crew Inc - Signed CD - Zakk Wylde

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They think all their fans have the body of Zack

they must do

Anybody else as fed up as me with this game so after about 6 weeks my doom crew cds turn up 2 of them not only has zakk not done the guitar doodle ha hasnt actually signed them at all just got the three signatures and a big blank space top right amazing what a total fking waste of time and money 

Email them. I am sure it was just overlooked.

I had some with bad smudges on the bottom left signature so i emailed them, they said they kept some for problems like this and are sending replacements so you may want to message them.

how can they all be so poorly organised and actually keep a site functioning i can only think they are employing prisoners or school kids on work experience,i just opened a paypal im not spending another second chasing lost or non shipped or non signed orders ill pick one up from e bay where i can actually see what im getting for my cash     

The pre-order CD with the signed photo was $19AUD (it was originally $23.99 but discounted to match the release price).  I didn't buy any vinyl so not sure about the price.  I see that JBHI currently has a silver vinyl for Doom Crew at $99, seems more than their usual prices though. 

Bargain on the photos they are really nice 

Do you know the discount code ?

thanks for heads-up on the restock, 

Signing up to get the 15% off took care of more than half of the Media Mail shipping, so a very reasonable price and excited that the whole band is signing the booklets.  

406 in stock


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