Black sabbath lp signed by tony iommi gezzer butler and bill ward signed in 1999. Do any of tou think this looks legit ? Thank you for the comments

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Looks Fine to me, IMO....

Thank you i have just bought it. I think it looks pretty good to, just need to try and get ozzy on it now. 

Looks good and worth the meet and greet ticket for Ozzy

Not bad contrast all things considered. Would ozzy look best in black, blue or gold?

PS - Congrats on the purchase. :)

I was thinking about doing the meet and greet, buts its over 600 pounds. Still am considering it. Thanks for all the comments 

600 pounds and no oz is that a great deal?

No sorry i paid 155 for the lp with tony gezzer and bil on it. It is 630 pounds for the meet and greet to see ozzy on his uk tour next February, witch is quite abit of money, but still it might be my last chance to meet him sadly 

If you get him to sign it will increase the vakue of the LP by the 600 pounds

Nice album these sigs look genuine and a great Sabbath album to have signed as well.

I have recently seen this online ? What do you guys think of this ? Bill looks abit strange and geezers 

 B looks abit off. Just want a second opinion: ) thank you so much for the comments 




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