if anyone could hook me up in the US I would appreciate it lol

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Thats about the dumbest thing Ive seen so far in 2023. The bar is now approx. 1/10 of a millimeter off the ground with this move! Lol

Glad I steered well clear of this debacle.

”Lets make our signed art cards as useless as possible, guys”


Yes, that's so stupid! Whats the point of going to the trouble of making thousands of art cards to sign it on the plain side? 

Here's a blurry screenshot of the one they posted. Signed on the front. Could they have produced preprints, heard about possible backlash of being fake, and are now being signed for real on the back? No way to know yet. Stay tuned, more drama to come. If this is the art card supplied, its not busy enough to make a quick decision to sign on the back. The signatures would be fine depending on marker color and placement. 

My order for the single art cards got cancelled too! Bit gutted they didn’t just honour them, as I was getting them for myself and a friend.



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