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Just got this one, and I'm really liking it. Nice signature. 

Make sure you look through the booklet, apparently he wrote messages inside some of them and everyone is hoping for one of those. 

Is this a signed booklet that is inside of the shrink-wrapped cd case? I want to know before I open mine. Yours looks great.

Bullseye. Signed booklet inside of shrink-wrapped CD case. 

Thanks :) I opened mine. Not sure what happened, but it's still cool. Nothing inside.

I like it. 

Damn, just looked into mine and realized that it hasn't been scanned by the post office in 2 weeks. Hopefully someone finds it because I'm going to be really bummed if it is lost. Worst part is that it was shipped from a city just 30 minutes away from me but then ended up 5 hours away in Pittsburgh, then disappeared.



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