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Thank you! The Inside special is a work of genius. Ordered.


I am so out of touch with everything these days, I've never heard of this guy yet when I checked him out he has over 2 million Twitter followers and his last 2 signed CDs sold on eBay for $127.50 and $200 so I figure he must be a big deal. guess I'm gonna have to buy one and check out that special lol.

Thanks, this is great.

Thanks! Easy buy for me.

This guy is a legend. Pure genius.

Went to order one, looks like they're sold out now.

The comedy guy. I know he is big but just not into him. Pass 

Just got an email on these that the date changed from December 3rd to December 17th and that we could cancel if we want. might be worth watching in case anyone cancels and they add them back to the store. it's crazy that I've never heard of the guy and these are selling regularly on eBay for between $150- $180

He’s one of the first true YouTube and Internet superstars. He won (3) Emmy Awards for this special alone and has won numerous filmmaking awards for his directorial debut “Eighth Grade.” He’s been a relevant comedian for the past 10 years. 

Yes, I figured by the following he has that I must be one of the few people around that hadn't heard of him. that's no disrespect to him, for years up until recently I worked a ton of hours and didn't do much TV or movies so I'm out of touch with a lot of this stuff. I do need to check out that Alone special because I keep hearing words like amazing and genius describing it. 



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