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Hi All,

Any chance these hand-written lyrics, signature and date are authentic?

Thanks in advance for any insights.

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I agree with you about lyric changes. However, try Googling "Dylan 'No Direction For Home'" and see what results are returned. If Dylan had made any reference to those lyrics elsewhere, I would expect some mention of it amongst Dylan enthusiasts and historians. However, there are very few results and all appear to refer to this particular document. That does not make sense to me, especially considering the popularity and status of "Like A Rolling Stone."

Its also got scribbles all around the bottom, and was dated 1965, I mean he could have been drunk for all we know. The only person who knows is the person who forged it or person who had it signed. If you compare it to the picture Livingston showed you'd say there's no way, but these look to be written as a souveneir out quick for a fan where the Lay lady lay looks like it may have been written out to be used and remembered by Dylan himself. 

Here is a similar Bob Dylan signed with "Proud of You" song written with sketch that from 1973. It was sold at a auction for $6000.00

Do you know what auction house it was?

Swank Galleries Autographs Auction, New York.

It is offer for sale right now by Rulon-Miller Books for $12,500.00.

Bob had many styles of writing (just he does with his signature) so when comparing you need to compare the era but also the style he used.  He wrote big and small, printed and script, pen and pencil, legible and un-readable.  I don't know how he did it but he does.  His high school writing is amazingly neat and perfect, go figure.

With his many styles of writing, the common trait I see in all his writing is the capital letter A. It is a little over extended. Here is a Bob Dylan autograph with a inscription.

Do you have an opinion on the Dylan that opened this discussion, Roger?

If you ever want to sell it give me a shout


Hello, could you tell me if this is authentic autograph stevie?
I would like to buy it. thanks and regards.


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