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What do you think of this one? Supposedly signed by Dylan in Sweden 1984.

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Too rushed and poor contrast to really tell. I would pass on this for myself. 

Thank you!

Unless  this has iron cast provenance I would  also pass on it as its too difficult to tell from the photo as Bruce Juice says, but I think it could have a chance but if  you are paying that much money you want one that there are no doubts about

Thank you! The provenance is not very good. Supposedly signed to a person that attended the Gothenburg concert in 84, then traded to someone else. And now a third owner is selling it. 

IMHO leave it then.  Had it been such a great buy owner number 2 would not be trading it

Thank you, Michelle. Yes I'm gonna pass on that one.

To my knowledge, Bob signed 1 autograph when he was in Gothenburg 1984. It was a friend of mine that got it after spending almost 2 days at the hotel where Bob was staying.

Thank you! Yes, that sounds like Dylan :)

With no viable contrast and no real provenance this appears DOA.

Thank you! Yes I agree.


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