Can I ask everyone's opinion on this autograph

Story is Bob Dylan signed it when playing in 2013 at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool. 

Thanks for any help

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Doesn't look like any Dylan I've ever seen. 

I also haven’t seen one that looks anything like this.

Definitely not Bob's handwriting!

A big no.

The story is he signed it when playing at.... 

It looks like he signed it "while" playing 

Bob is a complete basket case these days....

Doesn't matter how many jokes come out.... That ain't crazy Bob's sig

I know Dylan is a difficult autograph to get as he won't generally sign things. 

From looking on the internet there also seem to be so many variations on his signature and I remember seeing a BBC documentary from the 80s where he was signing with his left hand, and then I've seen photos with him signing with his right. 

Thanks for the input

I have heard the same about Bob switching hands, and I have a nice authentic sample pool of Bob autographs which show a good deal of variation. But I agree with the consensus everyone else had. Not likely genuine.





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