Bob Dylan AUTOPEN Info To Help With Returns / Refunds - Simon & Schuster, Premiere, and Coles


Three Articles Published by Chris Willman at Variety
A message posted by Bob Dylan to his Facebook account
To my fans and followers,
I’ve been made aware that there’s some controversy about signatures on some of my recent artwork prints and on a limited-edition of Philosophy Of Modern Song. I’ve hand-signed each and every art print over the years, and there’s never been a problem.
However, in 2019 I had a bad case of vertigo and it continued into the pandemic years. It takes a crew of five working in close quarters with me to help enable these signing sessions, and we could not find a safe and workable way to complete what I needed to do while the virus was raging. So, during the pandemic, it was impossible to sign anything and the vertigo didn’t help. With contractual deadlines looming, the idea of using an auto-pen was suggested to me, along with the assurance that this kind of thing is done ‘all the time’ in the art and literary worlds.
Using a machine was an error in judgment and I want to rectify it immediately. I’m working with Simon & Schuster and my gallery partners to do just that.
With my deepest regrets,
Bob Dylan


Previous update 
Some users have uncovered potential autopen use within Bob Dylan's expensive art prints. Please check your prints if you own one and post a picture on this thread if you have any concerns.

here is a link to one of his art prints in question

*UPDATE -  Let this be a warning to ALL publishers and celebrities in the future. We are sick and tired of these autopen releases. Our community has had enough and absolutely will not stand for this practice to continue any longer!!! 

I want to point out that Coles Books needs to be commended. They made sure to look out for their customers and refused to ship these out if they came from the same S&S stock, which they did. It was also an easy process to cancel orders beforehand if you wished. Coles. on behalf of everyone, I want to thank you for having integrity and watching out for all of us.

I can NOT say the same about Premiere Collectibles. They refused to honor cancelation requests until it was known these books were in fact autopenned. They advertise themselves claiming they are collectors themselves. This is not true. They are a retailer first and only care about your money. There have been other autopen incidents where they absolutely refused to accept blame, stating items were real when they were clearly deemed autopen by the community. Be careful with future purchases with Premiere Collectibles.

This email came directly from Jonathan Karp at Simon and Schuster. If anyone still wishes to send him a message, here is his email address as well.

We apologize for the mistake that was made and are offering a full refund of your purchase.  Please keep your copy of The Philosophy of Modern Song at no cost. We hope you will enjoy reading it.


Jonathan Karp

Here are 51 articles and counting detailing our combined efforts on this forum

New York Post - Screenshot.jpg

New York Times - Screenshot.jpg

Los Angeles Times - Screenshot.jpg

Washington Post - Screenshot.jpg

Rolling Stone - Screenshot.jpg

Rolling Stone pt2 - Screenshot.jpg

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USA Today - Screenshot.jpg

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I am creating this thread as a comprehensive all in 1 link for returns, refunds, chargebacks and claims made regarding the "signed" edition of Bob Dylan - The Philosophy Of Modern Song. Please use this link to email Simon & Schuster, Coles, and Premiere Collectables as 100% proof these were signed using an autopen machine. 

I would like to say right off the bat, Coles Books in the UK is handling this professionally and seem to care deeply about their customer base. They have stated that, once they are in hand, If they find evidence of them being autopenned, they will cancel all orders.. Kudos to Coles.. I wish all retailers would follow their lead. If you wish to cancel your order with them immediately instead of waiting, It seems to be an easy process.

This post will be continuously updated with new information over the next few days

Please refer to this article for the time being until more information is added

Here is the post I created a few weeks ago with info regarding the Indigo incident.

So far, there have been a total of 17 confirmed different templates for the autopen machine used for Bob Dylans signature. I am in the process of creating video comparisons for all 17 sets. Please post full page photos of your item as they are delivered to aid in this process 

Here are all 17 templates used by Bob Dylan - I am still looking for full page photos for numbers 8,13 and 15 thru 17 but its still best to post whatever you receive

Be aware when checking against your own copy, it has come to light that they are possibly using 1st and last names interchangeably. Bob in #2 matches perfectly with Bob in #13 while Dylan in both are different

14th variation confirmed

15th variation

16th variation - Seems to be almost an exact combination of #11 and #13 with a different vertical line in his "D" 

17th variation

Video and photo comparisons created so far

Video of set 1 Dylan1.mp4  - Photo of set 1 Dylan1.JPG

Video of set 2 Dylan2.mp4  - Photo of set 2 Dylan2.JPG

Video of set 3 Dylan3.mp4  - Photo of set 3 Dylan3.JPG

Video of set 4 Dylan4.mp4  - Photo of set 4 Dylan4.JPG

Video of set 5 Dylan5.mp4  - Photo of set 5 Dylan5.JPG

Video of set 6 Dylan6.mp4  - Photo of set 6 Dylan6.JPG

Video of set 7 Dylan7.mp4  - Photo of set 7 Dylan7.JPG

Video of set 9 Dylan9.mp4  - Photo of set 9 Dylan9.JPG

Video of set 10 Dylan10.mp4 - Photo of set 10 Dylan10.JPG

Video of set 11 Dylan11.mp4 - Photo of set 11 Dylan11.JPG

Video of set 12 Dylan12.mp4 - Photo of set 12 Dylan12.JPG

Video of set 14 Dylan14.mp4 - Photo of set 14 Dylan14.JPG

Here are the COAs stating these books were in fact hand-signed

Suzanne Baboneau for UK - Certificate Of Authenticity UK.jpg

Jonathan Karp for USA - Certificate Of Authenticity USA.JPG

Coles listing before it was removed - Coles Website Listing.jpg

Important emails:

Jonathan Karp US - CEO of Simon & Schuster

Duane Ward of Premiere Collectables  - Others have tried

Suzanne Baboneau, Managing Director

Ian Chapman, UK - CEO

Bob Dylan's Manager

Jeff Kramer
OK Management
275 South Beverly Drive
Suite 215
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Phone: 310-535-1647

Bob Dylan's Agent

Brian Greenbaum
Creative Artists Agency
2000 Avenue Of The Stars
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Phone: 424-288-2000

Bob Dylan's Production Agent

Sony/Columbia/CBS Records
550 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10022
Phone: 212-833-7305

Bob Dylan's Law Firm

Manatt Phelps & Phillips
11355 West Olympic Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Phone: 310-312-4000

Bob Dylan's Twitter

Tweet or privatly message Bob on his verified Twitter account.

Bob Dylan's Facebook

Post or message Bob on his verified Facebook.

I also found this email associated with Bob Dylans store. Its worth a try


Media Publications who may be eager to pick up this story - Please email them a link to this post and all related content

For story pitches, please send:
News to Jim Milliot and John Maher
Soapbox ideas to Rachel Deahl
Features to

Related content:

Dolly Parton is also guilty of using multiple autopens in the same fashion with multiple templates over the years but with a slight twist where they manipulate the page as the autopen machine writes her signature. If we are looking to stop all future attempts at autopen usage, she needs to be held accountable just as much as Bob Dylan and S&S. Link to threads below

Here is a great example provided by Eric Keith Longo

Dolly Parton Autopen Example.jpg

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Yeah that could very well make a difference. Like I said I'm no lawyer, but I know lawyers will dig through every word and find any little flaw they can use to weasel their way out of being held liable, then argue it to the death... but every single word matters and can make a difference. 

The law pretty much screws collectors by defining autopen, stamps, authorized signatures, etc as legal signatures... since technically all those are legally signatures, selling stamped signed stuff is legal... but it's fairly obvious nobody who collects autographs wants stamps or something signed by a secretary. I wish they'd update the law to either define collectible signatures as having to be hand signed, or a minimum, that they need to specify the method of signing to be able to sell signatures... but even then I could see someone saying the CD I sold is $20 signed or not, so I gave away the stamped signature, I didn't sell it. So I'm sure they'd find a loophole... but at least it could improve things some.

As I understand it, if he authorized it that's not considered genuine. It's a signature not signed by the person that's an authorized legal replacement for specific purposes that has the same value to the recipient for that purpose as one actually signed by the person.

A celeb can use one to sign a fan letter as long as it's not represented as signed by the celeb. It can't be used for art or books if it's represented as signed by the subject.

That would make sense and be good for collectors... but then there's the problem of who would actually enforce those rules? We see Dylan doing millions in fraud and it doesn't seem like anyone in law enforcement would be concerned with it... but good the rules are there at least. 

Law enforcement typically doesn't open a case unless a victim in their jurisdiction files a crime report.      

Both the signed books and prints are primarily handled by an FBI Art Crime office. The most active ones are in Queens, outside of NYC, and in Chicago. They would need a victim in their jurisdiction to file a crime report.

I'd report it if I was in their jurisdiction. I reported it to the FTC but never got a response, at least yet... but I don't expect them to care. I've never gotten any help from any consumer protection agencies when I've tried or needed it... same for law enforcement I guess too. So I didn't have my hopes up that any justice would come from this. Maybe I'm just pessimistic. 

That's legal, some artists don't even make their own art Maurizio Cattelan for example, or even Andy Warhol, just tell their employees what to make and it's considered their art... but the fact they specified "hand signed by Bob Dylan" that would mean that legally they need to be that. They would need to be signed by someone's hand, and that hand being Bob Dylan, since they worded it that way specifically.

I could see maaaaaybe getting away with it being hand signed by his secretary possibly being legal, since it says hand signed by Bob Dylan... that could be argued legally that it was "hand signed" and by Bob Dylan meaning he authorized it to be signed for him...

If they just said signed by Bob Dylan they could have gotten away with autopen or secretary signed legally... not that they didn't get away with it as it is... but if sued they could plausibly deny it I would guess. Since then it only has to be authorized by Bob Dylan to be a legal signature. In a legal sense, every single word adds meaning. 

I can see that now.. this needs to be pitched for an episode of law and order.. I've never been a fan but id for sure watch that episode

But the books threw the word personally in there 

I guess I didn't pay attention to that part... I would assume that couldn't be argued that it could be secretarial then if they worded it that way. 

I get what you are saying. its legal for it to be done but I'm still having a hard time with the actual sale and COA of the item. I would think stating its hand signed by Dylan still changes the argument into deception if that statement is not accurate. I guess the legal question would be, can a signature that was authorized by Dylan actually be considered Dylan's signature instead of an agent signing on his behalf, specifically for an item sold to consumers and not just for legal documents. This variation is where it seems deception would become a factor

I honestly don’t think secretaries are signing these. I reaaaaaalllly don’t. 
It’s not beyond the realm of possibility but I don’t think they are. Let me see what the higher up says from the gallery. 

Major deception. I mean come on. Where does it end



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