Hi all,

I am very interested to get opinions on the best auction sites to sell my Bob Dylan 1986 signed copy of Biograph?

Im not 100% sure I am going to put it to market but I am considering it.

Heritage Auctions have interest in consigning the album in their March 2020 auction.

Ive recently had the album signed off as 100% genuine by Roger Epperson and for those interested have attached the certificate.

Thanks in advance as your comments and opinions are very much appreciated.


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Wow what r u asking??

Hey Rob,

The market will always determine value however its a very rare item.

As the years unfold the value will increase so theres no doubt that serious investors will be interested.


Heritage charges 25% commission from the buyer -- plus they will probably take 15-20% from you -- so you have to factor that in. (As the check you will get back would be 45% LESS that what the final hammer price is). So these auction houses are basically your equal partner!  If you sell to a private party you'll keep 100% (yes it may be a lower price than auction but not 45% lower).  Something to consider. 

Hi Bruce,

Thanks for the advice.

The reply I received from Heritage Auctions is below;

Thank you for your images and this would be a great piece for the next auction. Our next auction is at the end of March. We take a 20% commission and you take 80% of the hammer price at auction. If you are interested I can send you the auction agreement to get your Bob Dylan autographed box set in the next auction.


if u get a good offer private take it ,if not and your a gambler  put  in an auction house.

heritage rr and a few other are all the same . it just depends if u get people want it and what they will bid for it

heritage wont do a reserve so what ever u start it at one bid and it will sell

rr will do a reserve if they fell its reasonable.

bobhams in la is now going full rock n roll cotibles 2 to 3 times a year and go head to head against heritage, this should be fun

gottahaveit will also set a reserve so ur protected same with iconic.

becuase u just have 1 itiem and really no history with any og these auction houses ur barging for sellers rate or resrve will be less than a lont time client or someone with say 50 pieces.

its probably worth 4 to 6k . but in auction u never know

I personly deal with all .if u decide to consign to any I might beable to put u InTouch with the right person 

Hey Marc,

So this is makes it an interesting situation.

On one hand auction houses will take large margin however they promote the auction well so buyers will certainly know that the album is available for sale.

If Heritage wont let me set a reserve I wont be going down that road. This is a unique item with a high value to serious collectors and will only increase in value.

Based on your advice on auction houses Ill probably put the album in storage and bide my time....

Thanks for your comments and advice - much appreciated.

no problem yes heritage would start at an agreed price and that's it.my guess is around 1k 

as I said others work they way I posted

with auction houses it can go through the roof or stiff that's why there auctions

if ur not a gambler talk to some of the other places I suggested but signed Dylan albums do come up .they are rare but usualy one in every auction.

u just have to have your mind made up that what ever happens happens welcome to the world of auctions.i have 300 lots in different auction houses closing thru November. 

to me its the sum of the parts as its a collection so if I get high on some low on others it all washes out.i have a few 100k out this month so roll the dice

u can always try ebay with the roger cert and put the price ur comfortable with

Thanks again marc.

You think eBay is OK?

Steve mentioned to me previously to be wary of eBay as it could detract from the true value?

What do you think?

I woudnt auction it I would list with make an offer . put a high price. if u don't get it sold after a few months just put it way for a while.

if ur not going the major auction house way that's ur best option

You know what, thats what I was thinking.

I eBay stuff all the time and it does sell, subject to condition and how rare the item is.

Thanks Marc.

I just sold 4 itiems that way this week


I don't think that Heritage prints a catalog, so you probably have until at least 6 weeks before the auction starts to consign it: at least 2 months.

Heritage will allow a reserve—most auction houses do—but they may charge you a percentage of that if it doesn't sell; say 10% of the reserve price that you'll have to pay out of pocket. Negotiate that out of the contract or go elsewhere if that's important.

Look at HA's prior sales of Dylan autographs in the last few years to see how well they do.

Other auction houses are RR, Sotheby's, University Archives, Christie's.

Talking to Jeff Gold at Record Mecca about consigning could be very promising too.




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