Hi all,

I am very interested to get opinions on the best auction sites to sell my Bob Dylan 1986 signed copy of Biograph?

Im not 100% sure I am going to put it to market but I am considering it.

Heritage Auctions have interest in consigning the album in their March 2020 auction.

Ive recently had the album signed off as 100% genuine by Roger Epperson and for those interested have attached the certificate.

Thanks in advance as your comments and opinions are very much appreciated.


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steve yes heritage prints a cataloge and no they wont do reserves .

infact for there poster auction all posters start at ane dollar no reserve

there realy into very low starting prices and it just goes from there .

most place have gotten out of reserves .

right now sothebys and christies in the states stopped dioing these type of auctions.they have done them in uears.

christies just does the big artist ones like Gilmour Clapton as private solo sales

I didn't realize that about reserves. Last time I listed they were available.

nope .unless its a very rare situation no reserves

very low or no starting prices its very common now.

look at heritages auction now all posters started no reserve 1$

and very low opening prices on all other stuff been like that for a long time.

like my johnny cash guitars all started at 2km some sold for 5 k some sold for 20k

u need a real relationship with these places to get anything .

but heritage went to first bid gets it a few years ago.

and rember auction houses low value stuff with estimates so when it sells for 2 times the estimate or 10 times they can brag look at julians.

I deal with basically ever house so feel free to ask

funnny storrry I bought a poster at heritage for pennies and put it in another auction house 2 months later and sold it for 4 times what I paid for it.so its all a crap shoot but u need to know ur stuff

well there is no way I am taking a risk with an auction house with my Dylan!

first u have detatch ur self from it emotionaly and look at it as a comodity

I have a few dylans and sold a Dylan contract thru bonhams 2 years ago and was fine with the price. but they sold 30 other pieces also so it was a nice check I got

what would ur bottom line u want out and I can tell u who will give u the best deal or way to go as I know all the fees and procees involved

also depending who u use it might be tied up for about 6 months till u get paid from the time u send it to them

heritage pays around 6 to 8 weeks after auction ends and has the right for 30 days after the auction ends to sell it at the opening bid for 30 days if it doesn't get a bid in the live sale

I'm sure that you could get a Fair Price for it on here. You may want to try this First. I would Agree with marc e though, first you have to detach yourself emotionally, so your willing to part with it.




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