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I'm not into sports any more.. haven't been for about 15 years, but I just looked up one of the first 1/1 auto cards I could find that sold on ebay.. The only one in existence??? not exactly.. Its an autographed clear sticker placed on a manufactured card.. so why do some sell for thousands and some sell for peanuts?? you are right in that there are many other factors aside from scarcity


This Dylan book is just a regular copy with an added autopenned tip-in page that comes with a book cover with a different barcode and price tag.. The regular book in general is nothing special. Why would anyone want to pay much extra for an added page with a mechanically placed signature? 

I am not a book collector, but as a former autographed sports card collector, I asked myself, would I go out of my way to locate and purchase a regular card just because it has a facsimile signature on it, or its a foil version and is slightly more limited? NAH... as a fan of a specific player, would I collect it? yep but I would look at it for what it really is, just another variation of one of his regular cards.. This book by Bob Dylan is just a regular book and the autopenned versions are just another variation. Lets say S&S pulled them at 50% sold.. there would be 450 out there in the wild. I have been pondering this since yesterday and honestly, if I was a Dylan completest, Id wait out the market and hope to find one for around $50 but if I was an insane completist, it would also mean I would have to collect all 17 variations lol.. 

The moment I found out we would be able to keep these books, I honestly did believe they would become collectors items. I was caught up in the hype and felt like I just won a major prize after winning a battle. You, Eric and a few others have opened my mind since then and I now see this item for what it really is.. I'm going to hold on to mine forever because of what we all have just been through. Its symbolic of a huge win against autopens. I've been a collector for about 30 years and with all that I've seen in my years of collecting, That is really special to me. The biggest Bob Dylan fan out there will never see it the way I do.. Nick passed on these but he was there fighting along with me, sending emails, posting comments.. If I was in his situation, id be upset for not scoring one, but I wouldn't pay any more than $50 to obtain a copy from the open market.

Hey Jason, to be honest I was a little upset but a lot more upset with Indigo, maybe because I'd ordered one from their and not S&S. I think had i bought one from S&S through Coles  i would have been kicking down S&S door in the UK and probably ended up being arrested ! I'm glad I stuck to my gut feeling and principles and that it was too good to be true.

I did want to buy an autopenned copy initially but for no more than the face value and after sleeping on it i'm not bothered at all now,  i could just as easily print a fake one off on my computer for free. 

The first one has already sold on ebay for $199 - clearly described as autopen.

Probably be  sat on for a few years and then sent to a  private auction house for somebody to buy for 5K 10K 20K or more totally unaware that is is fake as it comes with a Letter of Authenticity! 

You may be right 5816nick  but others will buy them for different reasons. Many Dylan fans, e.g. may reason that this is the closest they will ever get to his genuine autograph, not having the money to buy limited edition prints, e.g. 

Others will convince themselves that an autopen signature is an exact replica of someone's signature and better than nothing. etc

5 copies now sold on ebay, $399 probably the highest price realised - one seller accepted an offer below asking price of 599.

5 auctions underway and attracting plenty bids.

I thought we were giving some distance to this whole short-term interest before we started looking at the actual value of these autopen books?

I'm not counting a short-term "dead cat bounce", particularly on a site that runs rackets/rings of affiliated accounts buying things from each other, as evidence of anything. The price floor for these autopens are $0. Not $50. Not $600. Everyone who has a copy has obtained (or is in the process of getting) their refund for the screw-up.

One thing that these books have going for them as far as value is concerned is that they will appeal to fans of both classic music and true crime.

I noticed some more media picked up on the story. I LOL at the closing line of the NY Times article:

In “The Philosophy of Modern Song,” Dylan compares different pieces ranging from Hank Williams’ “Your Cheatin’ Heart” to Jackson Browne’s “The Pretender.”

I wonder if Cole’s have received their copies yet. Haven’t heard anything from them (clearly they’re going to be fake unfortunately!)

I’m wondering exactly the same thing.  No communication from them since placing my order.



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