Bob is coming to Australia who has met him and did he sign for you or not...and where...also does anyone know why he has a reputation for being so grumpy

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Probably shouldnt have let that one go, but I got something else that was nicer. Cant hang onto everything in this hobby. That was tough to let go of.

THAT was yours, too???

Roger Epperson has two Bob Dylan items in his webshop. Both nice and way cheaper then 5k

Why not just go straight to the source and get something like this for $2000-3000. No worries about authenticity if its coming straight from Dylan.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe those art prints are signed with pencil, which of course lowers its value.

pencil doesnt lower value that's how arts prints are signed

+1 Or, as in the case of the 1980 Bowie/Edward Bell Scary Monster lithographs, silverpoint (which is why they faded). Some are ink, but "pencil" is the norm as Marc states.

Also there numbered randomly and not by the artist  by the gallery or assistants 



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