Any opinions on these Marley's (single and LP)? No provenance. Both seem plausible but I am still sceptical, especially about the LP (second image).

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These just sold for £9,200 (!) and £3,500 respectively, both prices before premiums etc. so I assume both were more than OK. I actually left out another signed single that went for £4,000 before premiums etc. Here it is:

Junior Marvin dates most of the items he signs.

He does. But some of the 77 items he doesn’t maybe a few in 78 but rare does he not date! I have also noticed Neville dates his signatures too. Great point! 

Exactly very rare he doesn’t date! Great Point! He’s loves to make that little drawling too. I have him signing something to me in the mid 90s and it’s almost the same.

This 45 sleeve is now currently listed at rr auctions!

Thanks Paul, it'll be interesting to see if the flipper makes a turn on it. Personally I'd be cautious as 1) the "Marley" looks hesitant and shaky - something I haven't noticed even in later autographs, 2) the other autographs have a similarity about them which is dubious, 3) they were originally offered with two other Marley items at a non-specialist auction house, 4) the authenticator is Tracks, who specialise in the Beatles and 5) the sleeve looks remarkably clean. Here's a link to the auction for better magnification:

At ca. $6,900 inc. Buyer's Premium (BP) the flipper would have taken a hit, having paid £4000 + BP of 25-30%. I daresay many RR customers were sceptical as reagrds authenticity.

I’m not a fan of that. All the different pens. If Skill Cole signed something with Bob its only because it he is there with Bob he doesn’t Tour. 

yes its all a bit over the top tbh

Somehow all the signatures look a bit "samey" in terms of pen pressure and also just a but too neat and tidy. The sleeve also doesn't löok as if it's been passed around a lot of musicians pre- or post-gig.

I have issues with Is this love sleeve for different reasons. The Lincoln rd was a place where Bob Stayed in 72/73 at no other time did he stay there. Also the sleeve is from 78. Allan Skill Cole wasn’t around at that time. Unless some how he met in 1980 or after to get him to sign it which would be weird. 



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