Bob Seger signed “Night Moves” LP Jacket ….opinions???

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This is a fake, like most of the signatures you've asked us about.

You don’t have to sound harsh like that 

The problem lies in who/where you're buying this stuff from. You can't fault someone for (rightfully) pointing out the trend of someone posting discussions with an inordinate amount of fakes and asking the same thing dozens of times -- and getting the same response each time.

I didn't intend to sound harsh. But you're right, it came out that way and I apologize.

The last thing I'd want is to discourage you and/or anyone else from legitimately inquiring about your autographs.

My reaction was a frustrated result of scrolling through your voluminous posts without finding a single genuine signature (from the dozen or so) I looked at.


This does not look like a photocopy made by an elderly man nor do some others. How many sources are you uh - how many?


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