I have a Bobby Darin signed photo which has been posted before, however I am getting people who I show the photo to saying it’s not real or they are unsure. I got this photo online with a certificate from Epperson. However I’m under the impression there are fake COA out there. I am 99% sure it’s real but would like you guys to help me out as well. Thank you

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I am no expert on Darin and hopefully someone else will chime in. Here is a PSA example to compare yours with.

One interesting note. Your photo appears to be signed with a green sharpie, is that correct? If so, that could be a problem. Darin died in 1973. Green sharpie pens were not introduced until 1979.

Hi, no it’s not a green sharpie. It looks like a green felt pen. I’ve had this up before not asking if it’s real but if people knew value for him and no one committed it was fake. I am just one of those crazy people who over think things. I’ve seen that PSA before it’s messy but looks very similar I think. 



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