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Hey  jayceman 

That's a big +1 from me my friend...

If these are the Amazon UK cards, they were £12.99 - this seller would have had to shell out £3118 for 240 cards and £2598 for the bundle of 200 cards, selling them at £2880 and £2399 in these huge bundles indicates that they probably didn't want to get stuck with them given the controversy around some of the autographs. Probably didn't include the CDs due to huge postage costs. 

This does mean that they were left with 440 Bon Jovi CDs to shift. Which means they have to make an additional £500 selling the CDs to break even - not even taking into account the selling fees that ebay charge. Unless I have missed something .... 

And annoyingly not even registered with e bay as a business seller despite clearly being one,somehow these sellers are getting signed cards on their own without having to buy a bundle  i noticed some getting Billie Eilish signed cards on their own in their hundreds literally hundreds and a while back there was a post/link on reddit for those latest shania twain prints on their own for a fiver from her official site but it got taken down after a few minutes but the link was up there ,i dont know how but some are definately getting these signed cards on their own  

I've read many opinions on autopens, examples and guidelines. From this, I would consider these two authentic. Do you agree? Thank you in advance!

I agree, they look good 

Thanks for your opinion :)

They really screwed US customers. It’s amazing this isn’t illegal. Might be time we work with sate reps getting criminal laws on the books. Record companies are getting brazen about this and there isn’t much we can do about it.  Why should we have to wonder every time we buy signed mech and why should we have to repack and mail back to get refunds because they engaged in immoral business practices duping their customers and fans. 

Totally agree!! Instead of crediting my cc, I was notified yesterday that I will be getting a replacement instead. So pathetic!!$$@@@ Annoying & a waste of time!! Grr!

I just received a replacement as well.  These people are nuts.

Mine returned back to them and and I bitched to them that I have not received a refund. Two minutes later they refunded me. I am glad I received my money back and no replacement. I am avoiding this place from now on.

Has the man himself still not made any comment on all this?


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