I just wonder what you think about this signed Japanese 12” signed by all 5 original members of Bon Jovi?

Also, what would be a fair value of this record?

Thank you all in advance!

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Not real in my opinion. All signed by the same hand. Same angle samevsize if letters etc. Worthless, trash it.

Thank you for your opinion. What do you think about this one?

I am by far no Bon Jovi expert but her again same size of letters same penoressure I woudl avoid it .

I actually think that both of these signed items are ok and match mid 80’s examples.

After a Good comparison, I'm going to agree with Richard. These sigs are from the mid 80's and are Fine, IMO...

Hey Richard thanks for your input and thanks for correcting me here.

I'm not an expert on Bon Jovi but i've seen a few signed items from back in the day and the Alec John Such and the Tico Torres look spot on to me. The only one i dont like is the JBJ which i always remember being quite flamboyant, especially in the J and the two Bs with a big looping style. But like i said I'm far from an expert!


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