I think it's the real deal as I have got number 73. The provenance is ok as well. Mine comes from a 2009 Kerrang competition, the winner won the entire BON JOVI catalogue, the signed guitar and a trip to New York to meet the band. I wasn't the lucky guy but i bought the guitar a couple of years ago ! I changed the pick guard with a nice grey mother of pearl and added a Bon Jovi decal on it. I will post a pic soon.

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Looks very very nice Bruuuce! Bon Jovi is my 2. choice of existing artists, toghether with U2. 

You should keep an eye on it (ebay uk), that might be worth the try... I managed to get mine for £255 in 2010, a bloody steal in my opinion !

That is crazy for a full-band genuine signed guitar! Well done, must be one of the best Bon Jovi items ever! 

And if i tell you that for about the same price I bought, the same year, a 1992 Strat Epiphone signed by Pat Benatar, Neil Geraldo, Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Garry Tallent AND Danny Federici !

Wow, you shouldnt tell me things like that,,haha. Its just fantastic! Really makes me wanna look more into guitars too. 

I will post the pics of both guitars later today as soon my wife comes back from work with her Iphone !

As promised, the pictures of the 2 guitars. The Epiphone was originally signed for a school benefit in Los Angeles by Pat Benatar and her husband Neil Geraldo. Somehow the owner managed to get Joe Perry, Steven Tyler, Garry Tallent and Danny Federici as well. I do not have any other details. Then the Bon Jovi with new pick guard, tour picks and decal.

Attachments: No photo uploads here

It is just one word for this, beautiful! You are lucky owning these ones.

Thanks ! I have got also a Squier Telecaster signed in person by the Pretenders and my take on Bruce Esquire complete with "the man under the lamp post" leather pick guard as pictured on the cover of "Born to Run" !


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