BONO Surrender: 40 songs, One Story - Signed Edition WATERSTONES

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Great news - congratulations! I am glad you managed to track on down.

I'd phone them ! Even if they charge you £15 to ship it and £10 telephone call it will still be a lot cheaper than ebay! 

I'm in the UK and need to phone Barnes and Noble in the US to Pay for my Cormac McCarthy order later today as Paypal messed it up and they won't do it via e mail or live online chat - that is if i get a phone signal as it's been down all day !! 

Likewise if you get stuck PM me and you can get them to send it to me and i can send it on tracked airmail which will cost £15.00 - £20.00 depending on the exact weight 

It gave me the option for delivery for £4 it’s only hour drive away from me though 

had it sold out at check out .. card was too slow! dawn hopefully more coming

Unreal! Can’t grab one of these if my life depended on it! 

I got the same email :(

They must have oversold due to demand.

I got lucky here and they confirmed my order as processed earlier today so they must have had some. Thanks to the poster for the link yesterday (sorry forgot to post)

Oh no, my order number was  7558X and was around 10  below yours and was shipped earlier

I got response with confirmation of order and cleared up the shipping issue for shipping to US. Thanks again for offering to help Nick. 

I bet they only had 20 or so and oversold by a few hundred copies ,i think hang tight he will sign more copies like Dave Grohl did i was desperate for one of those at the time and seemed to miss every chance by a few minutes and now they are relatively cheap as chips   

You know a good spot to find a grohl for cheap as chips? I still need one 

yes, let us know where those cheap as chips copies are because I've noticed the opposite. at one point when they first came out and the market got flooded you could find them in the $60 to $80 range and now they seem to be going in the $120 to $150 range on eBay


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