BONO Surrender: 40 songs, One Story - Signed Edition WATERSTONES

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grrr.  Said sold out after I put all my ccard details in

my thoughts also but then again why not !luck of the cornish ( my wifes cornish)

Are you in the UK Joel?  If you are you will have a nice surprise!! 

I asked while on the phone they are definitely 100% signed by Bono 

Their phone number is 01841533804! 

no, I'm in the U.S. which is why I didn't have a good feeling about it since I wasn't charged a shipping fee. I had to try though. I couldn't find a contact email so I sent them a message on Twitter. so hopefully they will respond

I replied to the order confirmation email, waiting on response.

I do not see where you select shipping in checkout so I assume it’s understood I won’t be collecting from US but weird no charge for shipping listed

Hi Matt, same as the offer to Joel, if you get stuck PM me  I can forward it on at cost , If you explain to them first on the phone ! 

I just saw your offer Nick, thanks for that.

I had sent an email to them earlier but didn’t hear back yet (trying to avoid the overseas call but probably just should have done it).

I’m hoping for same outcome as Joel- that they will confirm no issues and be in touch to charge the shipping costs. If any issues, I may take you up on the offer and would be glad to do same for you sometime. Thanks again. 

Hi Matt, no worries, they were absolutely snowed under when I phoned them yesterday, I spoke to a helpful Lady and the manager was there too on the phone with her, they couldn't believe them selling out so fast, i'm sure they will be in touch when it all calms down with them. I'm not one to phone at all but it usually works, any problems just let me know and i am happy to help out, like you say I or one of us in the UK may need overseas help one day! 

yeah ended up not being a good outcome but what I kind of expected, after the email yesterday confirming the signed copy and saying I would be contacted for shipping, this morning I got a cancelation and refund email with no real explanation.   

Joel, if you need a UK address give me a shout offline - I would be happy to receive and forward on to you at cost.

thanks but it's ok, if it doesn't work out I'm still hoping to find one in the U.S., I thought it was over after the release but they still seem to be popping up here and there, plus Black Friday is still a possibility.

yeah thanks again for the offer, they actually just replied back and confirmed it is a signed copy and that I will be contacted about the shipping charge once they get them, so it looks like my hunch to try anyway might have paid off  


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