BONO Surrender: 40 songs, One Story - Signed Edition WATERSTONES

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people are still have trouble getting a signed Bono? I scored 3, kept one for myself and sold 2. They are out there, this was actually one of my easier scores. There still must be several at various B&N just laying around. 

I guess my thought on that Addison Casey is as follows:

1) Not all B&N locations get the same quantities.  Some B&Ns got a batch of Grohl books for Black Friday last year.  Suburban Chicago had entire areas that got none. So it may not be that they were lazy. It might just be shoddy/uneven distribution.

2)  Not everyone lives near a B&N.  I helped someone find a Bono book that lives in Eastern Montana.  I think if they tried to go to a B&N physical location they have to drive halfway across MT or ND. 

3) Some people may not have the free time to devote to searching during the day when a lot of things tend to drop on the internet.  I know a lot of places are still working with staffing levels lower than pre-pandemic and a lot of people are working forced overtime. 

4) Other people probably thought they had orders only to have them cancel and be left empty-handed.

5) Sometimes luck just bites us.  I couldn't get a single signed copy of Unlimited Love by RHCP.  I got 2 of Dream Canteen. I put in a similar effort on both.  But one-I was just snakebit. 

I guess what I'm saying is just because something was easy for you, doesn't mean it was easy for everyone else.  It's a true YMMV. We all have times when we're lucky and times when we aren't.  It doesn't always come down to effort. I just think that's good to keep in perspective.

Well said, definitely some things work out to be able to obtain, and some things just feel like you’re beating your head against a wall to obtain.


Charge your phone dude...



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