It's a first come first served. The signed copies will be allocated in chronological order based on the date and time of purchase. So it's not guaranteed you will get a signed one.

EDIT: It's presumed to be SOLD OUT.

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LOL at the prices ! Never understand why people pay 20 - 30 times or more for some deluxe versions of a book for a bit of cow! 

Got mine from Easons today. I know I didn't order immediately and don't remember if it still said signed but I did get a signed copy for those still waiting. 

I suspect that everyone who ordered before the page got changed will get a signed copy.

Same here.  Wasnt really expecting signed but very pleasantly surprised today.

Same here, though I had ordered just 20221109_151431.jpgfew minutes before signed copy was removed from the website...

Limited edition,  signed copy. Sale is this friday at 12 noon.

They had one for Brian Johnson, limited to 25 copies for $295. Assuming Bono would be same.

Just had my 2nd copy arrive today. This one was from Portobello Bookshop in the UK. It was a random drop on release day and happened to catch their Twitter post immediately.

Quick opinion question for people of the thread: I ended up getting two copies, one the European edition and the other the US edition. (In case one of the orders got cancelled or showed up unsigned.)

I'll give one of the copies to a friend, because they're a massive U2 fan. Which one should I keep? Which do people think is nicer? The US tipped-in page or the European signed title page edition? 

I like the European signed title page signature best 

European copy with the Title page is much better in my opinion

My BAM copies haven't  arrived yet - are they on blank pages? 

I prefer the european with the title page.



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