It's a first come first served. The signed copies will be allocated in chronological order based on the date and time of purchase. So it's not guaranteed you will get a signed one.

EDIT: It's presumed to be SOLD OUT.

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I received shipping notice today as well but no other info other than it shipped. I'm still thinking customer service just can't see what the warehouse sees. Im going to return these if they come unsigned and am sure many of us on here will as well. If PayPal provides free returns (I still have to look into that) that money has to come from somewhere. This can't end up good for Eason if these arrive unsigned. I guess we will find out pretty soon either way.. exciting times.. good luck to all of us Eason shoppers


I got the same email. I think at this point, we won’t know if it’s signed until it gets here. So it’s pointless pestering them with emails or calls. I’ll be back when mine arrives within 2 weeks or so lol. 

Somebody posted these pics of his 2 signed Bono Surrender books.  Both are different so doesn't look like an autopen.  But it is a strange looking autograph from Bono.

Look a bit different to other Bono signatures IMG_20221029_072031.jpg

I’m no expert on his signature, but the formation looks more or less the same, to me.  These newer examples are obviously a lot smaller than the 2015 example you’ve posted, and signed with what looks to be a ballpoint pen, rather than a Sharpie.  Given those differences, I don’t see anything here that concerns me.  Looking forward to receiving my copies in due course.

Just arrived. Fantastic.

Nice! Which vendor?

Books a million.

Hmmm. Anybody else seen movement on their BAM orders? Mine shows nada.

Yours does look nice, Rich!

Mine is on the way from bam should be there Monday 

Fantastic Rich! Congrats!

I'm an "Easons" is it signed or not limbo guy, mine is to arrive Tuesday...fingers crossed



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