I'm curious what members might know about identifying authentic Boris Karloff signed photographs.  I believe I've heard that most signed simply with "Sincerely" or his name alone are secretarial (a 5"x7" example below). 

Is it a safer bet to look only at ones that have been dedicated to a particular recipient?

Thanks for any info.!

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That is not one I would want in my collection.  For many A-list people a 5x7 is often secretarial if that is of any help.

S'funny you should ask 'cos I was interested in an auction recently where his autograph was in an autograph  book and the auctioneer did not publish a picture of that particular one. I asked but they failed to answer in time. Infuriating. 

A couple of examples for sale where I believe the sellers in question would exercise due diligence but I cannot tell about their ability to distinguish between authentic and secretarial.



Obvious differences between the two, bearing out your theory.

Thanks for weighing in guys.  I've seen these Karloff signed "Sincerely" photos commanding healthy prices but have been wary of them.  I believe I've heard that he even travelled with pre-signed secretarial photos and handed them out to fans when approached at the time of stage appearances.   

I think he's more scarce in authentic form than many (including dealers) really appreciate.

Here's an authentic Karloff document sig. from around the time of the photo I posted.  Sure is close.  But no cigar, I guess.  One thing I've noticed on authentic Karloff sigs. is that he seems to have often added a dot after his surname.  The photo doesn't have that.

Stan Laurel did that, also.  I do not believe I ever saw an authentic one without it.

Yep....Stan did do that with the "dot" at the end of his name.  Bud Abbott also did it often in the 40's.

Thought I had one on here so this is the link to mine:

BORIS KARLOFF Autograph - Autograph Live (autographmagazine.com)


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