With what i have learned from experts on this site this early 80s Bowie looks good to me. The numbers look correct, the slant downward and positioning, and the "with thanks" all seem to check out. It's failed to sell on eBay for two weeks running and is priced low. If it's a fake i'd love to know why! Any thoughts?

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That appears fine. Typical baseline and formations. Condition has issues - tape, scratch, stain, fading etc. 

See "1982" exemplars in the galleries at davidbowieautograph.com here

News blog about my last sold Bowie here.

Here is the same loop formation:

Thanks Eric! It’s the same loop for sure. I’m convinced it’s real. Even the promo shot the signature is on is from around that time. And the “with thanks” looks spot on to me. I agree it’s not the greatest example with the fading and the tape etc. but twice it hasn’t sold for $175 and for any genuine Bowie it’s a good price 

Listing ended early so somebody got it for $170. I wonder if that was a result of me posting on here and the ensuing discussion??? Seeing as it didn’t sell for over two weeks I’m guessing that’s what happened. Should of gone with my instinct perhaps and kept my mouth shut..

You can always ask someone here privately as well - no need to make a post if you are not inclined - just shoot a PM.

Thanks Eric. I appreciate that

Eric is right 

If you find something you seriously want, it's better to pm people 

These things happen. It was priced low enough that it has just as much chance it was not someone on this site. But, I believe you will eventually find an even better example. Patience usually reaps dividends. 

It happened to me too when I wanted to buy my first Bowie so I know how you feel :-( I do not understand why and how someone can do this. 

 As per everyone else, yes the item was genuine - no doubt, its not in great shape (faded, damaged) but for a Bowie collector looking for a salutation etc, its not bad and went for a fair price by the looks of it. 




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