For sale on eBay in the UK

Apart from the fact it is not a genuine Bowie signature (note the best wishes and poor autograph and date) can anyone see the error this seller has made? Further reassurance is offered in the description that his own ticket from the gig is included in the montage (for that feel good factor).

An AFTAL member....!

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As a heads up, Bowie signed many 1000's of autographs in the Tin Machine era because they played at much smaller venues and were very accessible. His autograph during this time was very rushed and generally never left the paper so the whole movement tended to be in one until 1993. Here are some examples - I have loads more from 1989-1991.


Well, that photo was taken over a decade after the date in the "signature".

Ha - well spotted Eric, it was the Reality tour. Perhaps the seller is a Time Lord, or maybe he is Marty McFly?



1979 signature on photo not printed until 1981.

The photo is taken much later then 1991! LOL :-)

nice reporting work 

these are great learning tools

Do you like this Bowie? 

The "B" looks like his hand to me

This seller has an abundance of big names at good prices which is raising the red flag for me. But if these are forged, I must say they are pretty good fakes.

Please have a look

PURE Garbage! NO Bowie "B" here folks!

Check what I posted for "error". I expect some will disagree. 

Nothing against you GC - all at the forger. This style, I call it the "butterfly/heart" style, has flooded eBay so much folks this is an actually style. It is not based on anything genuine. 

Thanks, that's what I needed to know 

Yes its horrible and sad that people buy this much copied, never-ever-signed-in- this-style crock of rubbish. This forger hasnt even bothered to add to the 9. Sad thing is that they pray on people buying presents for partners etc and the buyers assume that is how he signed.

But then, not as bad or heinous a crime as selling supposed hand written lyrics for $67,000 as witnessed in November...



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