Hey guys,

Thanks for the acceptence on the site. I buy and sell vintage goods and collectibles and occasionally I get invited to purchase items being sold off in house clearences etc. I recently got invited to view some bits and bobs being sold off and was shown a framed collection of David Bowie autographs, which I found quite interesting and offered at quite a nice price - if of course they are real!! So, I'd really appreciate if you could take a look and give me your opinions.

I tried to match them up but got a bit lost with it all, as it seems that Bowie's signature varied quite considerably. Aside from the framed collection I have also posted a picture of a Bowie Sig, hand written in Pencil under his real name David R. Jones. The guy seemed especially excited about this piece, explaining that he aquired it in 1983, costing him £20 and that it came from a 'reliable source' believed to have gone to school with Bowie. He has invited me to make an offer for it! This all sounds great, and to be fair, the guy does seem the type who might have mingled with such folk - his house is HUGE in a pretty exclusive area here in Hornchurch, Essex. He also had some pretty impressive Muhammad Ali memorobilia and Tottenham signed just about everything (clearly he's not an Arsenal fan :P)

Anyhow, enough babbling on, any advice, guidance or general feedback on these signatures would be so greatly appreciated. I actually really like the framed set, i'd be buying to keep, not to resell - it would sit nicely in my office - so fingers crossed :)

I look forward to any response!

Many thanks

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So is everyone VH :) It is good!


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