Hi all

Would please love some expert opnions on this Bowie signed Labyrinth LP.


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Both signatures are fake. I mean come on. 

It is being offered by a RACC registered dealer, so you would like to think that it is genuine. 

Thank you for your comment.

Jennifer Conelly is 100% fake. And ever seen a Bowie Signature before? :)

Can't believe Registered dealers are selling these as genuine :(

you can think whatever makes you happy Matt

Is that supposed to be Bowie in the faded ink?

That is not Bowie if someone told you it is

Hahaha, well now that makes me feel kind of sad goodcat.

There is another from the same seller on offer too, an A4 magazine photo signed by David and Jennifer.

Thank you both for your opinions.

LOL don't be sad. Be happy you asked b4 buying.

no worries and good luck in your search

Well i already have one i am purchasing off of Eric that is superb, can't be too greedy. A lot of respect for Eric and the wisdom he provides.

Did you buy this one?. Also link the seller lets take a look

Please.... not that naive sir. Opinions first, purchases second.

Have posted the link:


thanks for pointing it out Matt 

Hahaha this is the other one. Both say "the autographs were collected personally in berlin" more like "i tried to forge them both in berlin".

Notice how even the F on jennifers are different let alone the Terrible J ... and he asks over 800 dollars ! wow.

seller is av-autographs on ebay by the way beware guys...

I would live for someone to explain the process for becoming a RACC registered dealer, considering i have seen it written that buyers prefer RACC registered dealers over UACC registered. Hence i think the members of this Forum are the best resource for opinions on authenticity. 


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