Hi all

Would please love some expert opnions on this Bowie signed Labyrinth LP.


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Thanks for the opinion i think the same way

This about as angular as I have I think. 1986:

Given your knowledge on Bowie, i figured you were like Pete with Ford's, that is owning 90% of all authentics known to man.

Hahaha yes that gatefold already has a special spot reserved, a Mark Hamill just got bumped to a lower shelf.

How do your store your Bowie's? I was going for a Mylar CD bag, followed by a Mylar comic bag. I don't have experience with CDs or LPs.

I now you didn't ask me but for Lp's i use a regular plastic vinyl cover and seal the end of it. I made a glass frame for my Beatles signed vinyl. So if you have a really valuable autograph just frame it!

Most of current material is packed for storage so my answer is not of much use for your needs. 

Thank you Nazli.

How do you store yours Eric?

The matted signature is incredible, Eric! Nice work!!

Thanks Joe :)

I thank all members for their honest and passionate opinions and i am certainly receiving an education.

Thank you all for taking the time to help me, hopefully soon my number of "is this authentic" posts become less and less as i get a better understanding on the subjects i am looking at get better at comparing proven authentic sigantures with questionable. 

Or only purchase from members here - that to be is safer in the short term.

Apprecaite all your help.

I store mine in archival sleeves folded over, and that in small archival boxes, 1 per. Nothing on top.

Thank you very much Eric, great advice.

what strikes me very odd about the OP Bowie is that the B is angled upward and the rest is downward

He must have had something seriously distract him if indeed he signed this

Did I already say this or just think it? haha its late


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