Hi all

Would please love some expert opnions on this Bowie signed Labyrinth LP.


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the shape(s) of that "B" are the redeeming points! The first 5 movements.

I'll take your word on that

so maybe just maybe there is hope its legit? 

some pretty serious atypical going on here

MarkG, I've sent out the bat signal haha

The first bit is very convincing. But this thread is why I would not buy/sell or recommend such an item. 

On its own merits the autograph is substandard. What makes it worth discussing, I think, is the signed item.

I realize your focus is way pre-1986, but how many Labyrinth related pieces are there in your exemplar file? And how many of those are nice or typical looking? Perhaps he did not like signing Labyrinth, or movie stuff in general.

From RR (IIRC), certed PSA and RE and I think from Mike Werhman originally:

Authentic signed 1991 SP:

are you comparing OP Bowie or second photo '91 Bowie?

I am only concentrating on OP Bowie

Plus, Bowie is seriously faded while Jennifer looks reasonably freshy fresh ink.

I'm having a very hard time believing OP Bowie is Legit

I'm not saying it is. I was only showing genuine angular and up-pointing Bowie's or whatever you mentioned. You should see some Bowie signed pickguards to see some abbreviated oddities!

ahh ok

have a look at OP Bowie

B points up to the right (as usual) but then the rest goes downward on a 45 degree angle and no upswing finish. Very odd very atypical

Im just not seeing a genuine sig here on the whole

I'm not saying it is but that angle is not that unusual. 

OK I can buy that

The red 1976 I posted has the rest of the whole graph going downward, once you allow for signing angle.




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