Forgive me if this is posted twice, any opinions?

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Thanks Sara I was going to ask for your opinion on the new authentication. A bit of a surprise.

Hi Sarah,

the OP is actually well inside the box for Bowie. This is much more "weird" and still authentic. His signature varies widely.

Here is another unusual/IP example:

Here are 2 exemplars of this style;

I just find it so hard to tell a fake from the real thing unless it's obvious.

Here is a sample of his unrushed handwriting. Click for full image:

I definitely trust your judgement Sara.

Hi David, Sara,

I asked Andy and he agrees - the Outside is a very poor right handed forgery and the b/w 1993 is a spot on authentic and beautiful example.

Thanks Eric, definitely steer clear of that outside then, terrible shame that someone will buy it and cherish it.

It is a shame. The b/w promo photo is from '93 so the '93 signature is perfect.


What didn't you like about the '93?

Sarah, I am still curious what you did not like about the b/w '93 Bowie? It is perfectly authentic and typical for 1993.


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